Ye olde Parish Shields

As part of an ongoing series, I am attempting to photograph at least one parish marker from each parish, in alphabetical order. Included will be a few county shields as well!

Bienville is one of the few parishes that actively signs their routes.

Bienville is one of the few parishes that actively signs their routes.

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Louisiana Highway Maps

Click below for access to the 1954 Louisiana highway maps!

End Caps – an ongoing post

When people first started driving across our state for relaxation, bridge designers decided it was a good idea to slap the highway name on some of the bridges. The date would also be on the bridge, or maybe the body of water it was crossing. Even deep into the 1960’s, bridge designers still stamped the highway name, date, or body of water into the bridge. The following post contains photos of end caps, with the bottom photos being the oldest, and the newest at the top.

US 61’s original reflectors, embedded in an overpass, remind drivers that they’re driving along the Blues Highway.

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The Sign Post

A pun on words! Anyways, this post is a photocollection of signs from around the state. Enjoy!

It looks like LA 167 is the new way to say you’re on US 167. Nice job, DOTD!

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U.S. 80, from Monroe to the Tensas River

Before the creation of Interstate 20, stretching across North Louisiana, U.S. Route 80 was the main route from Texas to Mississippi, joining Shreveport, Ruston, Monroe, Tallulah, and Vicksburg together. Below are a few photos from US 80.

The ICRR bridge on U.S. 80, with a date stamp of 1935 on the end cap

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Jefferson Highway: A Photo Collection

Instead of a story with a few photos, this update will be basically a group of photos with descriptions. Enjoy!

Back in the early 1910’s, highways didn’t constantly keep the same number. Auto routes, however, stayed constant, and one of the major routes in Louisiana is the Jefferson Highway. Still known by its name today on many local roads, the highway, now known as US 71, spans from the Ark state line to KrotzĀ Springs, LA.

Enough of the history, here are a few photos šŸ˜€

An abandoned piece of the Jefferson Highway, showing neglect over time

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U.S. Route 165 – a look into the past

Once upon a time, people took pride in highways. Miles and miles of slab style concrete mark highways that once carried Model T Fords throughout the Bayou State.

Older routes got bypassed, and some were renamed as Business Routes. Some were abandoned completely, also.

This old billboard shows the Louisiana Motor Hotel, and looks to be dated in the 1940s-1950s. It even advertises free parking!

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